New Patients


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At Canyon Dental in Orem, Utah, we want to be your new and last dentist! We know you have many options for your oral healthcare, and we will do everything we can to make your visit to our office comfortable and even enjoyable! From our state-of-the art dental technology to our custom Gelato Machine, we will make your visit to Canyon Dental the best dental experience you’ve had!

Has it been a while since you last saw the dentist? Are you experiencing any dental pain or discomfort? Do you have missing or broken teeth? Do not worry! We have you covered!

At your first visit, you will have a few minutes to talk privately with Dr. Bowen, giving you the opportunity to let him know your expectations, give us some background information about your previous dental care, and find out a little bit about you. Dr. Bowen loves meeting new patients and helping them improve their oral health.

After you visit with Dr. Bowen, our assistants with take a full set of x-rays for you so that we can diagnose any current issues and identify potential problems. They will also chart your existing dental work to give us the complete picture of your oral health.

One of our hygienists will do a periodontal chart to evaluate the health of your gums. Using a small measuring tool, she will check for any gum pockets, plaque, tartar (calculus), and any other factors that affect your gums. She will also check your x-rays to evaluate your bone levels.

Using all of our information, Dr. Bowen will provide a complete examination of your head and neck area, gums, teeth, and perform an oral cancer screening. He will also check for any additional pathology that may be present on x-rays. After your exam is complete, together with Dr. Bowen, you will come up with a treatment plan.

The new patient appointment is approximately 30-45 minutes. Many times, if you need dental treatment, we can work you into the schedule the same day and minimize the number of return visits needed. Ultimately, we will address your dental needs that best suits you and your situation. Each treatment plan is individually tailored to our patients.

Ready to schedule an appointment? Call us at (801) 224-6051 or click here!