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Welcome to Canyon Dental! We have compiled a list of questions that we often have patients ask. We hope this will be useful information for you. If you have questions that aren’t addressed here, please give our office a call at (801) 224-6051!


Do you take dental insurance?

Yes, we are contracted with most of the major dental insurance companies. The best way to verify is to call the number on the back of your insurance card, or check your insurance carrier’s website. While we do accept most insurance plans, there may be some that we are not currently contracted with at this time. If you happen to have one of those plans, please contact us and we will be happy to see if we can become a provider for you.


What if I don’t have dental insurance?

If you do not have any dental benefits or insurance, we offer an in-house benefit plan. Our plan covers your yearly cleanings, exams, x-rays, and any emergency exams you may need. We have plans that cover a single person to an entire family. Please ask us for additional information and we will be happy to provide that for you.


Do you do “Sleep Dentistry” or sedation?

Yes, Dr. Bowen performs IV (moderate or conscious) sedation, and has extensive training in IV sedation, as well as certification in Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support. IV sedation is one of the best ways to have your dental work done today. It is extremely safe, predictable, and easy to tailor to individual patients. If you have had a negative experience in the past with dental work, if you have anxiety, or if you are having extensive dental work done, IV sedation would be an excellent option for you.


Do you do everything in-house, or do you refer to specialists?

Dr. Bowen has extensive training in most areas of dentistry, including IV sedation, wisdom teeth removal, implants, oral surgery, endodontics (root canal treatment), restorative dentistry (crowns and fillings), and dentures.

Dr. Bowen will do all of your treatment when he feels he can provide you with the best quality dental care available. He is trained in many of the speciality procedures, including IV moderate sedation, dental implants, root canals, and wisdom tooth removal. However, if you need extensive dental treatment that is extremely difficult,  Dr. Bowen will provide you with a referral to one of the specialists that we work with. He will work closely with the specialists to coordinate all of the details of your treatment, and follow up with you to make sure that everything is completed to the the highest dental standards. Our goal is to ensure that you have the best dental care available.


Do you see children at Canyon Dental?

Yes! We love children at Canyon Dental. Dr. Bowen has lots of experience treating children. Most children are great at the dental office, and for those who are a little more difficult, we can usually overcome their fear and objections by working slowly and delicately with them. We see patients of all ages, from children as young as six months, to adults of any age. Before providing any type of dental care with your child, Dr. Bowen will carefully explain why, how, and what we are doing to place your children at ease. If you child is very anxious and needs dental work, don’t worry! We work with a great dental anesthesiologist who will come to our office so that we can perform your child’s necessary dental work while maintaining a great relationship with both you and your child! We want both you and your child to have the best dental experience here, and sometimes anesthesia is the best way to accomplish that!


Do you have payment plans?

Yes, we offer payment plans. We realize that everyone has varying dental treatments and financial situations. We typically offer 12-months, no-interest payment plans for those individuals who qualify. There are additional options available under extenuating circumstances. We offer cash discounts for payments in full.