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Are you missing one tooth or even several teeth? At Canyon Dental, your dentist in Orem, Utah, we can help!

A dental bridge is a common and effective method used to replace one or multiple missing teeth. For decade, bridges have successfully been used to replace teeth, and are nearly identical to crowns in what to expect at your dental visit. If you are missing teeth, or have teeth that are severely decayed or broken, a dental bridge may be a great option to return your teeth to their natural state and give you the look and function you want!

The procedure for a bridge  is similar to a filling, with a few differences. Dr. Bowen or our hygienists will numb your gums, using topical (numbing gel) and local anesthetic, getting your tooth numb and keeping you comfortable. 

After you are numb, Dr. Bowen uses a specialized handpiece to remove too decay, broken tooth fragments, and prepare the teeth to accommodate your new dental bridge. Generally, the edges of your bridge will be at or below your gum line, and will not be noticeable to you. 

After your teeth are ready, we will take an impression, which we use to fabricate your permanent bridge. In the meantime, our assistants will make you temporary bridge  for the time it takes for our dental lab to make your a permanent crown (usually 10-14 days). Be careful with this temporary-it is not as strong or durable as your permanent crown will be. We recommend you avoid chewing on your temporary bridge. 

Your gums are usually a little bit sore following a bridge, and your teeth may have cold or biting sensitivity, depending on the extent of your individual procedure. Your teeth and gums will heal within approximately one week, and any tenderness is well-managed by Ibuprofen and Tylenol. 

When you return to have your permanent crown cemented, we remove your temporary bridge and cement. We place the permanent bridge, check your bite, and take an x-ray to ensure a perfect fit. We then cement your bridge. It takes four hours for the cement to set completely, so be careful during that setting period. After that, your teeth are as good as new! 

Bridges are very successful when done properly. They have an average lifespan of 5-7 years, though they can last much longer with proper oral care and regular dental visits. Dr. Bowen will do everything he can to ensure your new bridge looks, functions, and feels great and lasts you for years to come! 

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